Where man and nature have
found a magical meeting point.



The adventure of a man

Liessi Col del Moìn is an agricultural company
located in Refrontolo which has been producing
for years Prosecco DOCG, Refrontolo Passito
DOCG with passion, quality and respect for
the nature. "Col del Moìn" from the Venetian dialect,
Colle del Mulino, since the winery is located in the
vicinity of an ancient seventeenth-century mill;
Il Mulino represents one of the first
connections between man and the environment,
one of the first uses of the power of nature.


Treviso – Italy

Come and discover the territory of the good wine of the Marca Trevigiana. In the heart of Veneto, the Italian region famous for the production of Prosecco Superiore DOCG Conegliano Valdobbiadene. The company is located in the hills of Refrontolo (TV), in the Marca Trevigiana, a few kilometers from Treviso and Valdobbiadene.

Come and visit us to taste our wines in this beautiful natural environment that has become a UNESCO heritage site.